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eDonkey (Overnet)

eDonkey (Overnet)Basic GUI 1.3

A clumsy client...for the largest P2P network

When the Overnet and eDonkey2000 networks were still around, they were probably the best sources to find any sort of video, music, games or photos on the net.However, as of late 2006, both have been shut down as a result of legal actions....
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    Not my personal choice. eDonkey is great because it gives you access to the eDonkey network, which connects the largest amount of filesharers on the planet currently. However I'm overall pretty disappointed by it. It's easy to install and use, and I didn't have any troubles finding what I wanted, but I don't find it as friendly as amule, nor do I feel it offers as many options. Pros: eDonkey neMore