eDonkey (Overnet)

eDonkey (Overnet) Basic GUI 1.3

A clumsy client...for the largest P2P network


  • Access many networks


  • Confusing interface
  • Network is repeatedly shut down
  • Uses a lot of memory

Not bad

When the Overnet and eDonkey2000 networks were still around, they were probably the best sources to find any sort of video, music, games or photos on the net.

However, as of late 2006, both have been shut down as a result of legal actions. Essentially, as with many other peer to peer networks, they were accused of sharing and distributing illegal material on the internet.

Going to the overnet and eDonkey websites will even bring up a message warning you not to download illegal material.

You can still download and use the eDonkey client, that is if you manage to find a network to connect to and share files.

The application works fine, but suffers from a lot of deficiencies. The interface feels cluttered and confusing, although you can navigate through the different sections via tabs.

If you make any changes in the preferences you'll also have to restart the client to make them take into effect. Furthermore, the eDonkey client uses up a considerable amount of memory, hampering the use of any other applications on your Mac.

The only really great thing about this client is it's network. However, with it being repeatedly shut down, it's become less and less reliable in recent months.

eDonkey is an application that allows you to share and download files with millions of other people across the globe. It is fast and easy to use with the most sophisticated file sharing technology available.

eDonkey is the most advanced file sharing application around. It is a completely decentralized peer to peer network. It allows you to trade any type of file, mp3s, video, images, software, etc.

Overnet is the distributed search network that the donkey uses to find files. It was a standalone application but we have now combined both clients into one.

eDonkey (Overnet)


eDonkey (Overnet) Basic GUI 1.3

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